September 20, 2013

BitcoinGet Helping the Homeless

Wired ran a story today about a group of homeless men living in Pensacola, Florida that are using sites like BitcoinGet to help them survive. If you haven't read the article yet, be sure to check it out here.

Our goal with BitcoinGet has always been to create an easy way for people to earn bitcoins, but never did we imagine it would be used as a replacement for panhandling. It was interesting to read that the homeless followed in the article actually preferred getting paid in bitcoin because of its ease of use and the protection it provides against getting robbed. Earning bitcoins has also spared them from a lot of the embarrassment that comes with panhandling.

Naturally, the argument that technologies like Bitcoin can "solve" deep-rooted socio-economic issues has stirred up some discussion on Reddit and Hacker News. We are happy that BitcoinGet and similar sites are part of this discussion, and that they might actually serve as small pieces of the puzzle.