December 22, 2016

Happy Bitcoin Holidays

As 2016 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to reflect on an incredible year for Bitcoin and BitcoinGet.

Bitcoin's price rallied in a big way as it has roughly doubled since the beginning of this year. The price sits at $860 at the time of writing—the highest it has been in nearly three years. Bitcoin vastly outperformed every other currency in 2016, and there is good reason for it. Increasing restrictions on sovereign currencies in countries like China, and the currency crises witnessed in India and Venezuela have played major roles in driving demand for bitcoin. Many have come to realize the positive aspects of bitcoin as a decentralized and safe digital asset, immune to national monetary policies.

With the increased demand for bitcoin came more people looking ways to earn bitcoin, and we were thrilled that BitcoinGet was ready to help. We saw our daily active users grow by about 50% in 2016—much of that growth coming from users in emerging countries. Our daily payouts continued to roll out reliably as our users can attest to. Meanwhile, we introduced new, higher-paying tasks available to anyone from all over the world. CoinRebates also saw a successful first year, processing almost 3000 rebates since its launch in July 2015. We have big plans for BitcoinGet and CoinRebates in 2017 and hope that you will be part of our growth in the new year.

As a holiday gift, we are giving away free bits to our users! Before the new year, send us a PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter mentioning this blog post, along with your bitcoin address registered on BitcoinGet or CoinRebates, and we will credit your account with 200 bits.